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Dreaming of a GREAT Summer?  Time Spent at Maritime Education Network is guaranteed to put a SMILE on your child’s face!  They’ll come home tired and happy - smelling of sunshine, salt water & sandy beaches! Before from 8:15am and After Care until 4:30pm available.

To ensure adequate supervision and individualized instruction, the number of youngsters admitted to each session is limited.

Marine Science Extraordinaire

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Grades 4, 5 & 6

Step into our Marine Science Lab! Explore the habitats of Long Island Sound, bringing live specimens and other discoveries back to investigate. Explore the world of Shore Birds, migration & communication. Discover how to be an aquarist, studying animal behaviors, learning diet preference & how to maintain a healthy aquarium. In our lab, conduct experiments, use a microscope, classify finds and partner up to identify what’s inside. Learn how you can become an ambassador for our amazing marine ecosystems and teach others the importance of protecting and preserving them. Lots of FUN while learning!

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1: June 21-25 / 2: June 28-July 2 / 3: July 5-9 / 4: OFF / 5:July 19-23 / 6: July 26-30 / 7: Aug 2-6 / 8: OFF  / 9: Aug 16-20

Monday - Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm

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$330 per week

Marine Discovery Program

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Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4

Join us for a week of fun, marine science and hands-on learning! Students will gain an appreciation of the importance of Long Island Sound’s glorious Ecosystems by exploring tidal pools, mud flats, rocky shores, sandy beaches and salt marshes. First, meet the creatures of Long Island Sound in our aquariums…then at the shore, discover them in their natural habitat. Other activities will include setting up a salt-water aquarium, seine netting, crabbing, species identification, beach scavenger hunts, crafts, games and LOTS of FUN!

As we find that many children attend for multiple weeks, in order to provide more variety than the tides, weather and group makeup provide, sessions below will vary from the norm by the ADDITIONAL study of the following sea creatures to our regular exciting curricula.

Sessions 1:  CRAZY kinds of FISH!  A fish that looks like a HORSE?! . . . has a pouch like a Kangaroo?? Changes Color?! Or . . .  WHO is known as the RIVER MONSTER?!

Session 2:  SHARKS ALIVE!
They have been around for about three hundred MILLION years!  Learn the difference between a shark and a whale. Did you know that many kinds are afraid of people? . . . or that they are considered the first living creatures to develop teeth?  Decide which one you find most interesting.

Session 3: SEA TURTLES
Interesting creatures.  How in the world did they happen to BE?!  Which ones live in Long Island Sound? Did you know that their shells were made from their RIBS, then flattened and modified?  Learn nesting behavior, how baby turtles grow and how YOU can help them to be safe. 

Session 4 & 8: OFF - Time to REFRESH and RECHARGE!

Sessions 5 & 7: The Amazing MARINE MAMMALS! 
Seals, Whales (Dolphins & Porpoises), Sea Otters and . . . MERMAIDS?!  Did you know that Dolphins have Belly Buttons? . . . or that an Elephant can fit on a Blue Whale’s TONGUE?! Which animal lives in its own “beauty parlor” and WHY?  Communication, migration and much more!

Session 6 & 9:  SURPRISE!!

Register early to ensure choice of week.


 1: June 21-25 2:June 28-July 2 3: July 5-9 4: OFF 5:July 19-23 6: July 26-30  7: Aug 2-6 8:OFF  9:Aug 16-20

Monday - Friday 9:30am – 3:30pm

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$330 per week

Student Leadership/Volunteer Program

Aged 14 and up

Limit of 3 per session – Three-week commitment

LOTS of fun as you learn what it takes to be a responsible leader while Learning about Long Island Sound and our beautiful ecosystems.

Call or e-mail for details: 860-388-4180 or


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

No Refunds will be given within 4 weeks prior to start date of your child’s camp session. Cancelations made between 8 and 4 weeks prior to the start date of your camp session will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee.

Camp Attendances: No Refunds will be granted for absenteeism. If a camper fails to attend camp due to illness, or a parent decides to take that child out of camp for any reason, such as vacation travel, visiting relatives, etc., no refund will be offered. If camp is canceled by Maritime Education Network or the State of CT, you will receive a refund.


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